Safety Audit and Hazop Assessment

Why Hazop Assessment Required
HAZOP study is to carefully review a process or operation in a systematic manner to determine whether deviations from the design or operational intent can lead to undesirable consequences. This technique can be used for continuous or batch processes and can be adopted to evaluate written procedures. The HAZOP team lists potential causes and consequences of the deviation as well as existing safeguards protecting against the deviation. When the team determines that inadequate safeguards exist for a credible deviation, it usually recommends the action be taken to reduce the risk.
Objective of carrying out a HAZOP study:
1 To check a design
2 To decide whether and where to build
3 To decide whether to buy a piece of equipment
4 To obtain a list of questions to put to a supplier
5 To check running instructions
6 To improve the safety of existing facilities

Our role in the HAZOP study
1 Facilitate/lead the team to carry out highly structured and systematic examination sessions
2 Use of standard guide words and suitable simulation tool
3 Control the discussion so that meaningful results are obtained
4 Record the discussions and submit the report to the management