ISO 9001-Quality Management System

Why ISO 9001
Quality management system is a set of rules, processes and procedures required for planning and implementation in the core area of an organization. We assists in developing QMS to enable organization meet customer requirement, statutory & regulatory requirements in an auditable manner.
We have vast experience of providing consultancy training and audit services in quality Management System. We have given consultancy services to more than dozen reputed clients including international clients and multinationals.

Benifits of ISO 9001 are in the following manner
1. Improve communication, planning and administration processes in the core areas of production/development/service.
2. Helps in providing senior management well-organized management process by sets out area of responsibility across the
3. The System sets out area of responsibility across the organization at different level.
4. Helps in improving the quality & services for customer as per customer's need and satisfaction.

Services offered in ISO 9001
1. Development of Quality Management System
2. Implementation of Quality Management System
3. Awareness training in Quality Management System
4. Assessment of Quality Management System through internal audit.
5. Internal Auditor training of ISO 9001 program
6. Certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management system, by reputed international certification bodies.