Risk Assessment

Why Risk Assessment Required
Managing the health and safety of business must control the risks in the workplace. A risk assessment is an analytical tool which identifying the potential hazard at workplace. Whether it heavy industry, chemical, steel, oil & gas, mining risk are applicable to those are working into the premises.Safety Risk Assessment (HIRA) is a pro active process of evaluating risks to workers safety and health hazards at the workplace.
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is a thorough, orderly, and systematic approach for identifying, evaluating, and controlling the hazards of processes.The process hazard analysis methodology selected must be appropriate to the complexity of the process and must identify, evaluate, and control the hazards involved in the process.
The process hazard analysis shall address the following:
1 The hazards of the process
2 The identification of any previous incident that had a likely potential for catastrophic consequences
3 Engineering and administrative controls applicable to the hazards and their interrelationships
4 Consequences of failure of engineering and administrative controls
5 Stationary source siting
6 Human factors and
7 A qualitative evaluation of a range of the possible safety and health effects of failure of controls.
A Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) team includes process safety specialist, engineers, operators, supervisors and other workers who have knowledge of the standards, codes, specifications and regulations which apply to the process being studied.

Our Core Competencies Include
1. HAZOP Studies - We conduct HAZOP study for systematic examination of planned, existing process & operations which may lead risks to personnel, equipment or operation. We offer HAZOP training programmer for enabling participants develop skills and competence in leading group during internal HAZOP reviews.
2. QRA Studies - Using specialized techniques, QRA is done for identification of risk for operations, process or facility. This facilitates in determining risk profile.
3. HAZID Study - Specialized through rich experience and background of professionals in conducting of HAZID study and trainings which focuses on facility hazards.